Not ready for prime time….

I wish I could say I am satisfied that I finished in the top ten of our clubs season opener, finally ending a skunkfest that had me considering the end of my kayak tournament career.  But when you only catch a single measurable fish (or when I do anyway), it feels a bit disappointing.

Now, I am grateful for the fish, don’t get me wrong; and it seems the Skunk Off worked (not discussing the voodoo chants, burnt candles and spells cast to accompany that)…and I talked with a fellow angler fishing the same area who said we could claim high water, cold front conditions (he caught nothing all day); and that would be true since only one of the 28 people caught a limit…but I have taken pride in finding fish over the last two years – no matter how small.

One bite.  All I had today was a single bite.  I did lay into a log hawg when a piece of line on it pulled back, but one real bite…one fish.

It came on a Rapala Floating Minnow as I softly twitched it, let it float to the top and repeated a few times.  And to be blatantly honest – I was looking around for my next cast, about to pull the lure out of the water when it slammed the bait and took it straight under the Hobie.  I thought I was going to lose it because my drag was set too tight and my rod was wrapped completely around the hull!

It finally surfaced and I, in a frantic effort to end the streak, slammed my net down on its head; half trying to net it, half trying to club it so it didn’t get away.

Tournament number one with CAKFG in the books – 9 out of 28, (.32) top third of the pack.


Decent start for AOY points…but…anyway.


I picked up some Tourney Tags as a door prize, can always use them.  Picked up Danny the Duck from my good friend Ben Lowry; a prize for finally ending the streak.  And got harassed by the entire group….clear up some things:  Sycamore sucks, I am never putting anything with Alabama on my kayak, Brush Creek sucks more than Sycamore, there are no smallmouth in Yellow Creek…let’s see…oh yeah, I can catch fish dang it!


I did learn something today though, and I always say “if I learned something new it has been a good day”.


What did I learn:

  1. Two of my four bait casters no longer have any drag to set, one to the point that I cannot even reel in line without a fish on it. Parts ordered.
  2. The third of my four had a backlash so bad that I could only cast 5 feet. Need to fix that.
  3. One of the four spinning reels I carry is eating up my line. The line roller has a groove in it.  Need to get that ordered today.
  4. You need more than 10lb test when throwing an A-rig that is bigger than the light hanging over the kitchen table.
  5. If you get a backlash while the lure (A-rig) is about 40 ft from the boat, the line will snap and you can watch the lure fly a good (may be an exaggeration but my story) 100 yards when nothing holds it back.
  6. You can pedal up stream against the wind for over two miles – then pedal downstream against that same wind for the same distance; should have been easier going back.
  7. Number 6 makes your legs shake a bit.
  8. Mama Mia’s has an excellent Italian Sub. My cardiologist would definitely not approve!
  9. Dover has a lot more cop cars than I ever imagined.
  10. The lights I installed under the top rack of my so I can prep before launching are freaking awesome at 5:30 in the morning.

Shoreline White LED connected to a Duracell AGM battery.



Well, now I need to prep for the KBF National Championship since it seems my reels are not ready and it is under two weeks away!  Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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