say hello to my little friend…the Hobie Grail…

I spent a little time researching (very little) the correct procedure or ritual required, the correct syntax, the proper etiquette and whether or not the world would become unsettled before I christened my first Hobie (a ProAngler 12) the “BoHobien Rhapsody”.  Then my Joy and I promptly named her Hobie Compass “Don QuiHobie”, with no pomp and circumstance; without adversely affecting the planetary alignment.

It may seem silly to some that we even made the effort, it would definitely seem so if you knew how long we spent choosing the names, but it was just plain fun.  We took the time to ask family members for suggestions, solicited names on Facebook and Instagram, searched the internet…looked on forums; viewed the worst and best boat name lists…turned every stone and looked in every corner.  As I fished marinas, I would collect ideas from the hundreds (and hundreds) of boats in the slips…saying them out loud…trying them on for size.

The final names, in the end, are more than just vinyl on the side of our Hobies.  They are a part of our story.  We laughed at some of the suggestions, Googled obscure references sent to us, made lists (checked them twice), printed some in different fonts…it was a healthy escape from the monotony of our day job and a way to share our interest in kayaking.

For months now, we have continued that search; my PA14 remaining nameless.  I have explained to it that I would get to her as soon as I could find something appropriate, something special enough…guess I shouldn’t let you know that I have been talking to my kayak and myself way too much…anyway…

…now, it is with great pride that I announce the name of my Hobie ProAngler 14; “the Hobie Grail”!  This name has a little more significance to me than the others.

Joy and I were 70’s kids and loved Queen (and Bohemian Rhapsody is pure genius!), but there is no real intent with BoHobien Rhapsody…just cool!  We are also lovers of the classic literary works, so Cervantes Don Quixote was on our reading list…and often it feels like bass fishing is chasing windmills…but Don QuiHobie is still just a cool name!

But, “the Hobie Grail” (not a biblical reference but a metaphor) is how I feel about the Hobie PA14.  It is at this moment the best kayak tournament vessel on the water (my opinion – the management does not necessarily endorse the views…..blah, blah, blah…still the best boat!) and is to me the holy grail of kayaks – that which we all search for and seek to attain.

So again “I dub thee….”, sorry wrong ceremony…that uses a sword and a king or something.

“I christen thee ‘the Hobie Grail’ (sound of champagne bottle breaking and Neptune being appeased – not sacrificing anyone or anything like the Vikings and those that pre-dated them…just sayin’).  “May you have safe travels…especially since I will be floating with you!”


On a side note…even if you don’t name your boat or spend the excessive amount of time fishing out of it that I do…share the experiences you do have with those around you.  Get them involved with the lifestyle.  Get them off the couch and outside…or in the library digging through boat names…pedaling/paddling along with you.  life is waaayyy to short to watch it go by….


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