Torqeedo…resisted it for a while…

The move from my 20’s to my 30’s was a blur.  Not because it happened so fast, but because I self-medicated with most legal/illegal/natural substances known at that time.  The best I can remember, it was fun (say it often, glad there was no Facebook to document it!!)…but may contribute to why now in my 50’s I hurt; why I get tired…not going to admit that maybe I am just old and out of shape.  

But, regardless of all the “whys”, the heat of summer takes a heavier toll on my 58 year old body (arguably much older based on mileage – mostly off road abusive miles; definitely not only to church on Sunday miles).  Those facts paired with my inability to accept that I am no longer 16, nor ready to stay inside on the couch….and knowing that I am never going to stop until I cannot pry my eyes open…led me to a decision.  

I installed a Torqeedo.  

I love pedaling the Hobie.  Love it; and always will.  But with limited time on the water for the larger tournaments, I decided that I would use it for the one or two days that I can afford to pre-fish – especially when it is miserable hot!

I wanted to share how I completed the install, with some pics.

I started with the Hobie Power Pole mounting bracket.  It is a minimally invasive way to mount a motor to your kayak.  I did slightly modify the bracket for the tubing.  

Those two holes (and the two to mount the control to a Hobie Universal Bracket) were the only holes I drilled to mount the Torqeedo.

I removed the cover over the rudder steering drum, attached Hobie rudder line to the two screws on top of the drum and ran it through the plastic tubing.

I also use the Hobie Rod Holders to adjust the motor positioning and hold it while pedaling.

I tied Multiple knots in the rope supplied by Torqeedo for different postions.

1. for use when motor is running

2. for storing motor while pedaling

3. for storing rope while trailering kayak

Then I used a Hobie Universal H-Rail bracket to mount the control for the unit.  This allows for easy removal during transport of the kayak.  It also gives me some flexibility to move it if the situation calls for it.

The next pic shows how I store the reverse cord using a Nite Ize Gear tie and pad eyes that are standard on the Hobie.  This keeps it from getting under my feet and makes it easy to find.

This was a harder decision to make than I ever imagined it would be.  The Hobie 360 is such an incredible vessel that it almost seems sacrilegious to install a motor…but I am trying to accept I am not 16.  

During the one event I used it at to date, the Torqeedo proved to be the advantage I was looking for during pre-fishing.  I covered miles and miles of water looking for that perfect spot during several days leading up to the event…and I found them…just wish it could have kept the dude and his wife away from the spot I did find on tourney day – and their anchors and minnows….another story for another time…

I wasn’t beat up for the long ride back to Tennessee.  Think I like it so far. 

Below are some random pics…have more if anyone is interested.  Peace.

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