nothing of value…or educational…just cathartic release

Some facts about my last tourney (and random stuff since):

even the bear in my hotel saw the importance of masks and social distancing.

I no longer write for Anglr…but I truly enjoyed the journey…it was an awesome year; you can still go catch up on all I did write; right here.  Thanks to all who supported me, and to Anglr for the ride. First time I have told many folks.

I haven’t been on the water since coming home from my longest trip without Joy – a 1947 mile journey from Clarksville, TN to Harrisburg, PA to La Crosse, Wi; then back home.  Most days we have been apart since we married 9 years ago.

Facetime isn’t quite the same as face time.

I kept waiting for some government agency to pull me over all the way back to the hotel after I rolled up into the entrance at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania…I had to see where our worst nuclear disaster happened while I was there; weird like that….

sightseeing for me

I enjoyed staying with my good friends Kirt Pequinot and Chuck Mizer in La Crosse, then fishing with Jimmy McClurken and Ben Lowry who had made the journey with me.

view from our place in Minnesota

I didn’t especially like where we stayed, but the lady who owned the house was incredibly nice and the friends make me smile…so it was ok.

too bad they were in Old Towns

I wanted so incredibly bad to smash the boat with the dude and his wife; they rolled up into the spot on tourney day during the BASS event – where I had found all of my good fish in La Crosse – and dropped not one, but two monster anchors…then started the motor several times trying to adjust them…then started ripping 17 and 18 inch bass out of my spot with minnows!!!  Karma will get me for the evil thoughts and images in my head…but, so it goes…no lost tears, just opportunities.

I am now 58.  Thankful for each day….just wish they would slow down.

Working entirely too much.  

We looked at a new travel trailer; I can tell you how much I have in my 401K, how much it would cost to see the US (and annual expenses to do it in said camper)…like I said…been working too much and am tired…

Had such a day at work that I had to type something to turn it all off…fishing and writing quiet my mind and soul.  Need to do more of both.

Thin Oreos are pretty amazing. Diet Pepsi too.

There is nothing like Dishrag wanting to show you his latest Lego creation and saying “drumroll please” before the unveiling.  Made me smile again just typing it. Be glad when they get back to Tennessee.

Facetime isn’t quite the same as face time – worth repeating.

That’s about it.  Prepping for either Dardanelle or Wheeler Lake, not sure which yet; can’t make up my mind.

Peace.  I hope for that for all of you, us…the collective and colorful we.

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