Bored so let’s talk boards….should just shut up I know….but….too late…

Bored….reading the new rules for Hobie BOS concerning boards while perusing the social media posts that, although I have been homebound for days, I seemed to have missed.


My mind is saying STOP, SHUT UP, DON’T DO IT….but I have to talk about tournaments somehow….

….So…here we go…against all reason….


I applaud Hobie for seeing a potential perception problem for the sport and taking swift and immediate action on the boards and changing the rules.  Although Ron Champion did nothing to violate the rules – there is a strong public perception that he was doing something wrong; and when tried in the open courts of Facebook and Instagram or Twitter….facts are not really introduced.


The pic introduced as exhibit A would probably cause a jury to question the validity of the measuring system, and may be considered as altering a board…but that is purely a subjective view.  My Hawg Trough has a slight permanent bend from riding on the back seat of my truck.  Was it bent too far??  Laid on a table, it was as perfect as any other.  Where is the line?  The rules stated nothing about the amount of deflection allowed in each picture…nor was there any way to calculate it.  My board naturally curved from use.


Anyone who has done an MSA (measurement system analysis) knows that a tape or ruler is an imperfect system and allows for variation….for accuracy, it will fail every time.  But it does allow for fairly repeatable data – but is highly operator dependent; and a bit subjective too.


…..remember when iCatch tried to fix it with that shoddy software????…hahahaha


….but be it imperfect…it is the device we must all live with; and it (IN MY OPINION) is a much better system than bagging fish and toting them around all day.


To reality…..and what now seems like full disclosure on my part….


Who has not “leaned” on that fish that was just shy of the next ¼ inch line to get that tail over?  Spinning it, turning it, pushing it…seeing how far can you open the mouth without making it look open?

Who here didn’t know that you cannot gain inches or quarter inches….but you could get the tail over that next quarter with just a little weight if it is close enough?  Especially on the Hawg Trough??


There are (were??) no rules to prohibit this….sorry.


We all joke that with a meat tenderizer (or size 12 boot) we could have finally caught that limit on a hard day….turning 10 inchers into 12 inchers….with a glazed look….


….even with the Ketch board – which is a much better measuring system for the record…a slightly more rigorous amount of pressure can get that tail over the next quarter if your first pic doesn’t clearly show it.


So again, to Hobie (and others who will most certainly follow)….I applaud you for getting in front of it.  Perception becomes reality all too quick….and those with little experience are swift to say “this is why I don’t…this is why I will not”….and start accusing the whole kayak tournament serious as failed.   Makes me sad.


And to all of those who say they will no longer fish out of a kayak……because you are forced to use a more accurate tool to measure….


….well, I just don’t know what to say to you.  Hope you change your mind.




For me….still hoping I can take my Ketch board to Logan Martin….then to whatever is the next weekend…and the next….





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