Help…or a grown man crying….

I am about to lose my mind up in here!!!!  I am going to ramble, rant and well, pout for the next paragraphs….sorry I am not sorry.

The good!

Last night I was blessed to be on Topwater Live and talk about how fortunate I am to be writing about fishing….and fishing the larger events.

If y’all get a chance, check out those folks…especially if you are in the Michigan Area….they have a lot of great things going on and are growing their influence in the area.  They are working to grow fishing in their area for all ages….it was impressive to learn more about them.  I expect great things to continue up there (ok, too cold for me right now) as the season gets into full swing.

Thanks Mike Anderson for having me, and the kind words.  Thanks Kyle Van Leuven and Grant Bennink for making me feel like I was someone for a second.  Great production and informative content for all anglers.  You guys really have it together.

The bad!

I missed the Tenvitational – had to leave Seminole early….missed Lake Fork…..will be missing Santee Cooper…..and there is an extremely real chance that I may not be able to participate in the inaugural BASS event on Logan Martin!  If I do make it, it will most likely be with no pre-fishing and no blessing from my doctor…and….who am I kidding…if I only ride down and fish two hours…I am going!!

There is a local tournament Saturday that I am contemplating fishing for at least a few hours….because I am going insane watching all the fishing on social media and need to know if I can manage a kayak on the water.

The ugly!  (personal share warning – but it is my blog so I can)

I had back surgery on the 12th of December…..was back at work and fine by the first of January.  My back feels better than it has in years and I was ready to go.   I was freaking pumped to be in the best shape I have been in for a long time!  45 lbs heavier from the restrictions that the back had forced on me…but dropping that fast by walking every day.

Just before that surgery, I had some swelling in a region of my body that brought great discomfort.  It did not hurt, but it became difficult to function….mostly to pedal a kayak.  I pushed myself to go to Lake Seminole because….well, because I have to fish!

Anyway….the swelling started causing me much pain, so much that on day two of Seminole I had to place myself on the physically unable to perform list and head home before mid-morning.

Did I say getting old is not for the weak yet??

Anyway….February 10th, I had to go into surgery to resolve the issue……and it was the most painful thing I have ever been involved with…..until last Friday, Feb 21….when I realized that there were some very serious complications (almost passed out at work on Thursday and had already backed out of Fork) and I had to have a second and more invasive procedure….and I found out that I only thought I had hurt the first time.

The Moral….

I wish there was some moral to this story…..some health warning I could give to help everyone avoid this…but there is not.   After years of fighting, Taekwondo, falling on fences…more fighting, football…then 12 years of coaching girl’s softball; taking line drives from kids who could hit, really hit….the damage seemed to add up.


So……..not sure why I am crying out here….except to say…..someone get me out of here!!!

I need to be on the water fishing a tournament soon…!!!



Ok, that hurt……back to the couch and ice pack.

so about Logan Martin…..if y’all happen to see me, DO NOT TELL THE DOC!

It will be virtually impossible to miss this one….no…not virtually impossible….it would be unacceptable!



2 thoughts on “Help…or a grown man crying….

  1. Hey Mike, I think that’s a great article and I think there are many of us out here that go through some similar pain, I know I could write a story or a blog just on what I went through myself.
    It is definitely one of those pain situations that when people don’t see it they don’t think you hurt, but boy do you hurt.
    Feel better and get well soon, hope to one day meet you on the water.


    1. thank you…..hope to see you on the water too…..

      we are all good at hiding what we don’t others to know….but now and then, it is better to let it out. that is why I started blogging…dang has it been 15 years ago….was for release. now it is a bit more, but I still don’t shy away from the uncomfortable for me….
      hope you found (or are finding) ways to cope.


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