..no retrial…please…

My Joy and I have been married just short of 8 years.  We started talking to each other just a few days over 8 years ago.  And during all of that time, I have told her not to buy me anything for Christmas, birthday…any day…but as good as I know her hearing to be; it goes unheard.  I am not complaining, but it is that our life together is….well, we are blessed so there is nothing I need.

Dishrag and Sis with Bomma (Joy)

My birthday is…very soon…and she had every intention of buying me a Torqueedo or some other trolling motor for my kayak.  It is not that I do not plan to add a motor at some point to stay competitive, I just am not sure which route I plan to pursue.  I had to beg and threaten her not to do so; and for the first time in 8 years…she listened; no non-refundable gift certificate, no “I did it anyway”, no fake holiday reason to buy me something regardless of what I say (although she did give me a check that I may use one day).


But Joy being Joy…she had to do something.


On one of our adventures, we had picked up a floating Cypress knee (pretty sure it was from Caddo Lake in Louisiana); she loves driftwood and makes some cool things from it.


These become gifts, planters or just “stuff” around our house.

She can draw, knit, make stuff I cannot imagine….write legibly (I wish I could)….


….One thing she had never done, carved in wood….


This woman, who I do not deserve for the record, went to our local farmers market and talked with some local wood carvers….asked them for some info…then took that Cypress knee and carved a fish in it for my birthday.  Not only does she support my need to fish, and allows me the time to write…and to scout waters, and talk on the phone about fishing….and buy too much fishing stuff…she spends her free time doing this for me.


Man oh man….I really don’t deserve her….but whatever judge in the Karmic justice system put her here….thanks for the mistake!!

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