The child in me wants to say “NO….LEAVE ME ALONE!” so I don’t have to talk about the first tourney of 2019. The KBF Tenvitational sponsored by Dee Zee.

And technically, I don’t have to share at all….I do control the typing after all…but, I am not six…and I can’t pretend I wasn’t here…

Bienville….day one….well day two, but it ended much like day one; not skunked, but not catching enough fish!

So I left the Senkos in the truck to avoid the crappie bite from day one….rigged all of my rods with baits I do not typically use because yesterday did not go well….and pedaled off to explore all of Lake 14.

I did intentionally leave one area alone, because I didn’t want to crowd the leader.

7:30; caught a 15 inch bass on a Mann’s Classic spinnerbait.

2:00; caught a 6 inch bass on a Texas rigged Zoom trick worm in black.

2:15ish; caught a 14 inch bass on a Texas rigged Zoom trick worm in black.

I watched guys all day catching fish with the techniques (and baits) that had failed me the day before. Baits that were resting in the back seat of my truck because I wanted to try something different!

The end. I haven’t looked to see where I finished…I am sure I will know one day, but for now I am going to cover my head and lick my wounds….

…..the upside to it all…..

I still have the next two days left to fish with hope that I catch the biggest bass of the day on an incredible fishery; Bienville Plantation.

Many folks hear about, and dream of fishing this place; I can now say that I have!

Thanks to KBF , Chad Hoover and team (Amanda Brannon, Richard Penny)…for a great tourney….I have spent the last two days fishing with and against the best. Anglers I consider my friends and family because of this organization.

If y’all haven’t been to a KBF event, come on out. Feels like it is going to be a big year!

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