Possum Kingdom….not the Toadies version

My wife and I travel together for tournaments and I do my best to keep things in perspective as we cross the US.  It is not always about the tournament for us as a couple.  Equally important is seeing new sights, tasting new foods, meeting new people.  

I mean, for real though, let’s be very serious….I have done the math….my average placement is .38 percentile; that puts me above 62 percent of the field, but not in the top often….I have improved from around .47 – so I have that going for me, but I am a realist about my chances; I am statistically above average in most fields, but not that “guy to watch”.  Placing low, like on Possum Kingdom, keeps that average down, more so than I would like; but again, keeping perspective…I love fishing.  

But I never enter an event thinking I cannot win, gonna throw that out there.

But this event was important to me….

….no matter where you finished, how long the drive or how hot it was on the water….all of us who attended the B.A.S.S. Nation Kayak Series Championship on Possum Kingdom Lake have something that no one can ever take away; we were there for the first one.  I personally feel privileged to have shared the water with some of the greatest people in the world of kayak bass fishing.  

Congrats to those who put two good days together!

At the ramp where I launched for day one, there were probably 30 kayaks.  Most of them had been there during prefishing, and all of them are friends – even made some new ones as the days progressed.  

Despite that number at one location, we all headed toward spots; giving way to those who beat us there…everyone respecting each other’s space.  Possum Kingdom is a pretty cool fishery that allows you to find everything from docks, to grass, to ledges, to bluffs….so many options and plenty of room….plenty of fish.

Y’all need to get to Texas and give that place a try.  The folks around the area were extremely friendly, curious about our kayak tournament, our kayaks and where we were lived.  Over all, it was truly a great experience.  

My tournament….

Day one of prefishing…

Did a lot of running.  Found some decent fish, and a lot of muddy water.  a lot of muddy water.

Day two….

I found limits like the guys at the top had found.  Fishing the docks with Senkos, and then backing off from them to fish deeper troughs while casually casting in different locations (with a white chatterbait) I put together a quick 90+ inch limit before moving on to search for backup water.  I was confident that I could put together two solid limits.

Day three…my water moved from clear to slightly stained…then to chocolate milk.  Good fish were still on the docks, but my troughs were showing little to no life.

Tourney Day One….

Lots of kayaks, lots of joking and laughing among the others at the ramp.  Launch time….craziest launch I have been a part of…fun!  All of us racing across the open water at once!

The water was chocolate milk when I finally stopped.  

What I didn’t say earlier; I know my weaknesses – a mental block about fishing very stained water is one for sure.  I entered the day knowing that I was in trouble, but tried to overcome it.  I fished as hard as I could, fished clean – three bites, three fish.  A bit disappointing to say the least.

Day two….

I decided not to fish day two.  I had basically zero chance of making the top ten without a decent limit on day one….and no real chance of getting a check….so Joy and I loaded up to take a different path home an see some new sights.  

I know not everyone agrees with a decision to leave, but like I said….with age comes perspective; the day was much better spent with my wife listening to music, eating at the nastiest Waffle House in America and just being content with the fact that I had at least been there for the first B.A.S.S. event.  


Thanks to the staff at the Weatherford Hampton Inn.  We had a slight issue with our room and they did everything they could to correct is swiftly.  Joy and I always stay at a Hilton brand inn whenever possible for the consistent environment and treatment across the US.  This trip was no exception.  

Thanks to B.A.S.S..  Y’all are trying to do it right and I so look forward to the next events.  

Thanks to Duane Walley and TourneyX.  Dude, you do all you can to make sure we kayakers have the best experience possible and WE appreciate it.  (sorry about the rookie question…I know better dang it.)

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