naked men and pirates…thanks for the memories Ben!

So, how do you handle a conversation when it starts with the phrase; “have you ever had a naked man run and knock you through a wall?”

My first response is naturally (and fortunately!) “uhhhh, no”; but my second is to caution them about myself.

“Just stop.  I will never keep anything you say past this point to myself.  I will bring it up, I will write about it, I will share with all who will listen….are we clear?”

“I work with a guy who will never outlive his story of jello wrestling another dude…I am warning you! People do not tell me stuff for reasons!!!”

The third….”ok, so tell me the story”.

And the infamous Mr. Ben Lowry proceeded to relay the story to the entire group representing the Clarksville Area Kayak Fishing Group (and our adopted brother Trey Delk) at the National Championship during dinner at Crawdaddy’s Kitchen in Shreveport.  For a few seconds the table was silent, Boudin Balls were put down…no crawfish was consumed…as we learned about a rugby tradition; and a naked man (literally) barreling down the hall and crashing through a wall.  I learned that crashing through the wall was really an attempt to overachieve, running naked would have sufficed after the guy scored his first points…but then, our table would not have joined together in laughter at the story.  Most likely Trey Delk wouldn’t have regaled us with even more rugby terms and traditions (which I will never commit to writing on the blog!).

What a motley crew!

For that meal, Joy and myself, Trey Delk, Ron Himmelhaver, Jay Minor, Kirt Pequinot, Raymond Jones, the Matts (Duckworth and Lake), Ben Lowry and Marc Hurst; virtual strangers to each other a couple of years ago were sharing as a family.

We talked about past trips on the water together, about our kayaks, about big fish…little fish…fish we caught around rocks; fat fish, skinny fish…even fish from under docks.  Sorry…there is a hot dog tune in my head now.

We talked about all that we had shared, all the days to come – future tournaments, how to modify boats, trailers…our kids…Joy even shared embarrassing things about me as we talked affectionately about/to/for each other (they now know our R-Pod is called ARRR POD because we are cool pirates!).  Here are the pics guys…..since she shared my super secret identity…..

Joy and myself

Captain Dishrag and Steve

All of this while oblivious to the loudest, most crowded restaurant I have ever been in; oblivious to the time.

Then we left to go fish the next day.

And it was tough for us all.

Then on day two, Jay Minor and myself went out to fish for fun.  Raymond was supposed to go with us (we invited them all), but Jay left him behind! Ok, not really what happened…and Raymond knows what occurred was not intentional…but Jay did leave him…kidding…..but I didn’t leave him…and he got left….just sayin…

 Anyway….all the rambling above is to just say to the guys who were there….and to all the guys who fish with us in CAKFG…and to anyone who reads the mindless rambling of this blog….I am absolutely blessed to have you in my life.   We are only here for a few seconds, too few, and I am glad that we get to share experiences with each other.   Thanks!

But even more, thanks Ben; I couldn’t have lived another day without that knowledge…well, maybe I would have survived – but some images no amount of therapy will ever erase!

I will get back to writing about fishing…as soon as I catch fish….

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