…new opportunity…or not?

The beauty of this life is that we can re-create ourselves with enough determination, especially if the right trigger sets us in motion.

I lived a life of alcohol and drugs, then my daughter was born.  It was not an easy or immediate transition back to me; but I made it and am a better person for it.

I injured myself while driving a cement truck; then decided to attend college.  Now I am a manufacturing engineer and am living a blessed life.

That job had me working long hours, too dedicated to that effort to enjoy my life as I should; then I had quadruple bypass and tasted mortality.  I decided to live, to do the things I always wanted, so I started tournament fishing; traveling to all the places I imagined I would go.

Now another trigger has occurred and I feel it is time to move forward.  I have decided to start a consulting service involving the kayak fishing industry.  This event was triggered by choking at the Dale Hollow tournament, then a couple of local one-on-one matches; lastly, the Hobie BOS event at Chickamauga.  I have always disliked humble pie, not as much as broccoli or green beans (or any other green vegetable); but served in helpings as large as the last couple of months…I am FULL!


Mike Cheatham Fishing Inc. is born.  I offer my services to all tournament anglers (maybe not just kayaks – feeling that out) planning events.  Here is how it works.

  1. Tell me what body of water you plan to fish.
  2. I provide you with a comprehensive plan for success.

It is that simple!

“How does it work” you ask? “What are your qualifications?”

I will scour the maps for hours selecting locations, lures, presentations before packaging that information with a power point presentation including: graphs, lunar calendars, video links, seasonal patterns and exactly what I would do considering all of that information.  Included will be a bound copy of the above stated information for you to review before leaving home or at the launch.

Then you, as the angler, will read that information or view the presentation….and immediately ignore everything and do something completely different!  Throw the exquisitely bound copy in the trash, delete the preso….and if I said go west, go east; deep, go shallow….

I am not going to help you win, but I have become adept over the past months at eliminating things that will not work.  You might say I am a professional!

Now the rest is up to you!


………..really kidding a bit….I told AJ that I was done fishing after the weekend because it was tough…he said “no you are not”….I said “I know”.


I mean let’s be serious for a minute.  I just attended the inaugural Hobie BOS event, KBF is starting a pro series, and I live in Tennessee where there are several groups holding tournaments on the weekends there is not a larger tournament I can make.  If that isn’t enough I live within a few hours of some of the greatest fishing in the world!

Why would I consider stopping now!?!?!  Even if I never catch another fish in a tournament there are so many reasons for myself (and you who think you can’t compete) to come out and join us (see last paragraph for starters).

Let’s leave out the lessons from Jamie Denison on how to use the little floaty thingy that they gave me at the Hobie Open last year (thanks for offering to show me how to use it in the sink…so nice of you *$@#&), let’s exclude the looks from Mitchell and my fellow CAKFG mates when they discussed the rules and not losing your identifier (my friends *$%#@)  let us leave out the fact that I (in a new rookie level of stupidity) ran to the truck and re-launched without my pfd and caught fish (and I never leave without it!!!!).  

Yes, lets skip to day two.

I had launched in Chester Frost Park and was getting pounded by the wind when my wife called telling me the ranger had knocked on the camper door.  The water was quickly rising around the site and they were gravely concerned that is was getting worse so I hurried back to the ramp. I mean we post the Jolly Roger on our aaarrr-pod, but it is a bit less than sea worthy!

Kris Hummel had ridden with me to the event, so he met me there; along with two other anglers I had just met.  Brad Uhl (great talking with you both days sir!) and (so sorry I didn’t get your name) a guy who jumped to help me get loaded and then offered to follow me to the campsite and get things cleaned up and moved.  Two guys I had just crossed paths with willing to give up the rest of their day to help us.

Thank you both for the offer!

I know that is not the greatest snippet of a day ever shared, but when I place it among the others I have collected over the last two years and change….there is no way I am going to miss an opportunity to compete;

1st against the best anglers

2nd with some of the best people I have had the pleasure of meeting

3rd, in the best year ever for kayak tournament fishing!!!


….besides that… there is always the consulting gig to fall back on….just sayin’.



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