Calhoun Thelma…without Louise….

Get up at three to head home – nope – woke up a five thirty dead tired – left anyway – check.
Stop at Bass Pro in Chattanooga to buy a rigs  (they had none) – check, well without them actually a fail
Stop at Bass Pro in Nashville to buy a rigs (bought a Simms Challenger rain jacket and bibs; wife bought me some new UA Base layer to celebrate a loss in Florida?!?!?) – forgot a rig – dang it – actually a fail too, but got some cool stuff to stay dry during the tournament season – check(ish).

Get home from Bienville – check

Unload Truck – check
Put kayak trailer in garage….well, after about thirty minutes trying to find the key in an extreme panic (and washing Beinville out of the lock, that muck is impressive!) – check
Deciding whether to run to Lowes and buying a new outdoor faucet because when I washed Beinville muck out of the lock, water started spraying into the garage where the faucet had frozen while we were gone – only leaked when it was on so decided not to go – check, the decision is all I was looking for, just sayin.
Add that to the endless list of things I will not do if a fishing trip arises – check
Nap – wasn’t on the list, but – check
Write about the mini adventure at the Super 8 in Calhoun Georgia – next on the list.
I don’t usually write reviews, but this is really more about a person becoming part of our story.
We watched the Tennessee weather report the day before our scheduled departure for the KBF Tenvitational at Beinville Plantation.  Every source warned that there would be a chance of snow; ranging anywhere from 1 inch to 4 inches along I-24 down into Northern Georgia, our path to Florida.  Joy and I talked about it (she said to avoid the widgets on the road, but I know it was to avoid riding with me in the snow no matter what she says – because my driving scares her), she suggested that we leave a day early to beat the weather.
We drove almost half the way to Florida and looked for a place to stop for the night; it had been a long day at work, so we got a late start.
We pulled in to a Super8 motel.
Now, we expected the worst.  The last time we had stopped at a random exit (a random hotel), we had slept in clothes and worried what creatures we would carry with us!  It had been disgustingly disgusting!  So, we were extremely pleased to find that the room was clean, the smell was awesome – even the bathroom felt like it had been cleaned by us!
We slept despite the loud heater (my only complaint).
Around five, we woke to find none of the snow and ice that had been forecast, only a light, drizzling rain.
I loaded up the stuff we had carried in, then we walked over to check out the complimentary breakfast; fan of free(ish) food on any road trip!
We were greeted by an older lady.
“Hi, if you need anything let me know.”
She continued to wipe down the counters and the tables before talking to us again.
“I have been here all night.”
“All night?”  I thought she seemed alert for someone who had worked all night.
“Yeah, I stayed in a room because of the forecast.”  She smiled.  “I haven’t been working all night.”  She smiled again.
We laughed with her.
She walked off to wipe another table.
As she walked past us again, “I am 87 years old.  I went to get my drivers license and told them I wanted it for 8 years this time.”
“Eight years?”
“Yes.  I told them I would need my license until I was 95!  They told me no, but finally did it!”
She then handed us a card, and we officially met Thelma.
She wanted to make sure that we reviewed the place on Trip Advisor.  Thelma was so energetic when talking about the place and her work! We talked a bit more before hitting the road taking her with us, part of our story.
Again, I don’t usually review places.  I can be overly critical when asked to do so – my job requires me to anticipate failure modes, so I look for the bad in designs, processes or situations….(but my grandmother was named Thelma and her personality was infectious!!) so, if you get a chance to stop at the Super8 in Calhoun, Georgia (in the next 8 years while she has a license); go – meet Thelma.  She is one of those people who brightens your day just with her smile.  And the place is really clean!
Not sure what there is to do in Calhoun….but if you are on the road….she was that sweet.
….write about the mini adventure at the Super8 in Calhoun Georgia – check.
Post a review for Thelma – check!
Write about (Scott Beutjer catching) tree pounders and (Joy’s) fish sticks – delayed…..need another nap, dang work happens again tomorrow.
till later….

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