Connect Scale….email???

I was sitting in a meeting with some sheet metal vendors, pretending to be a manufacturing engineer instead of an avid angler, discussing costs. It was one of hundreds of meetings I attend in the role that keeps me in food and clothing between (and during) tournaments; during a lull in the details, the subject of fishing came up. Most likely, it was me talking about CAKFG or the KBF trails, but it wasn’t long before we were back to cost, productivity…the exciting stuff (typed with extreme sarcasm).

Anyway, after the meeting a guy came up and asked if I had ever heard of Connect Scale. I told him yes, I had seen it on the social media sites and looked into the product. He told me that his brother in law owned the company and offered me details that I had not learned on my own. He also offered to bring me one of the scales to try out. Funny how our paths cross those of others….

He asked me to tell what I thought about the product. So…


The scale connects to an app by Bluetooth technology to record weights against locations.

The packaging is pretty basic and simple to unpack. Included is the scale, two “AAA” batteries, an instruction book, a connect scale sticker and a small fish grip. The batteries are very easy to install, the fish grip attached to the scale without difficulty and the instructions are easy to follow. The digital readout is large and backlit, making it viewable.

Holding the device, it fits pretty comfortably in your hand; it seems some thought went into the design to allow you a better grip with a fish on the grips. Nice!

It has an app that is easily downloaded and connected to the device. The app collects data and give you several ways to look at the data; map locations, by type, by date or all. You can see each catch with the details from the app.

There is even a tournament feature that will let you decide how many fish to track.


All of the data that can be collected, cannot be exported to spreadsheets or other documents that would allow a “fisherman’s log” to be created.

There is a ruler on the side, it seems flimsy and cheap; for kayak fishing, not an issue. It could be used a few times before it would most likely quit retracting or become bent and unusable. Note: did no testing to verify this, just feels inadequate for long term use.

The app has features that allow posting to social media, but the Instagram only errors out; saying Instagram is not installed.

Pet Peeve!!!

Since the Instagram feature did not work, I tried contacting product support through the app. Two emails were sent (see attached) with no response. Sorry, but no response at all….

Tonight I received this email….after trying a different address….


I would say it is a pretty solid product. Other than the inability to export the data and the tape; pretty cool. Very practical and usable product.

At $79 to $89…May be a bit pricy for some.

I will look forward to the app updates….

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