ooooooh that smell….

I wanted to write about last weekend, and am finally dry enough to feel comfortable with my hands on the keyboard. It was the most miserable day. My rain suit failed about three hours into the constant rain….everything was soaked….and now my Nissan smells like wet socks, wet shirts, wet everything…wet skunk…because I was skunked…and that is a smell I do not want to get used to having around.

Oh well….

On the way to last weekend’s tournament, stop #3 for CAKFG, I made a few observations.

Rain fell, lightly, carried by the east wind.

“Wind from the east, catch the least.” That is what has always been told.

Passing a field, all of the cows were lying down.

“The fishing is going to be tough if the cows are laying on the ground.” Heard that too.

I spent the last hour on Google, trying to prove (or dispel) the myths; actually just trying to understand why I only caught small fish. My human arrogance refuses to believe that I just wasn’t good enough on that water, on that day. The cows must have dropped to the ground and allowed the east wind to pass over the hills and hollers; intentionally.

All of the research (granted an hour does not constitute true research) led me to one conclusion; there are so many opinions on the subject! Studies say this or that, meteorologists say this or that, old folks argue this or that….but something most had in common; the weather was changing.

Ok. The most common results of my totally biased study…condensed…

  1. The east wind usually occurs with a cold front, and is accompanied by a barometric pressure shift. Low pressure, cold front…..
  2. The cows usually lay down when it is colder to lessen the amount of their body exposed. They curl their legs up and reduce the surface area affected by the wind.

And there you have it. The conditions were not optimal for fishing. It wasn’t me.

Those cows!

…but a few guys did catch some nice fish….and that is where my theory that it was the cows fault will never become scientific law.

What I did learn as water pooled in very uncomfortable spots, watching 24 inches place in the money, was the difference in my technique and what others did….

  • I fished for a reaction strike too long.

Those who caught larger fish caught them early fishing slow and tight to cover.

They found the fish were like the cows, not really roaming around a lot.

  • I eventually slowed down and fished smaller baits, but chose the wrong cover.

Those who caught more fish were hitting wood or bushes along the creek channels

Not on rip rap, or larger rocks with no wood structure.


Lesson learned and filed away.

As I drive to work tomorrow, smelling the weekend all over everything, I will look out across the fields and know that the cows sometimes lay down for the same reason we do…they get tired. But the environment does impact their decision to take a break from standing at times.

I will also start watching the weather before next weekend on Kentucky Lake, paying more attention to wind direction and changes in barometric pressure.

And the week after, on the trip to the Open at Santee Cooper, I will look for both….and adjust accordingly….and search all of the other data I have filed away…..and hope I pull out the right combination of rod, reel, lure, hold my mouth in the correct position…wallet in the right pocket (or left)….lucky underwear…

….this fishing stuff has a lot to keep up with……..and sometimes, you just don’t figure it out soon enough….

…….but man, ain’t it fun.

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