Possum Kingdom….not the Toadies version

My wife and I travel together for tournaments and I do my best to keep things in perspective as we cross the US.  It is not always about the tournament for us as a couple.  Equally important is seeing new sights, tasting new foods, meeting new people.   I mean, for real though, let’s be very serious….I have … Continue reading Possum Kingdom….not the Toadies version

Hank Parker…no pic…you kidding me!

Back home from the KBF/FLW event on Lake Oauchita….working on a formal recap, but this is my personal “I always dreamed of being here, there goes Hank Parker, this was AWESOME (except for only finishing 24th – but it was out of 72 anglers)” post.  To be honest, I don’t want to spend time talking … Continue reading Hank Parker…no pic…you kidding me!