Peace Thich Nhat Hanh…..thank you.

Not fishing related...but then, not everything in my life is.... There are moments that are so vivid in my mind, memories that I can replay with such clarity; moments, people I meet, feelings of sadness or pleasure.  These are events that are so minor they would go unnoticed were it a movie playing out in front … Continue reading Peace Thich Nhat Hanh…..thank you.

2021 KAST championship…

Fish Spring City Just home from the KAST state championship hosted by CMKA – Clinch Mountain Kayak Anglers - in Spring City Tennessee on Watts Bar Lake.  Directors Scott Bullins & Curtis Perez, along with the KAST director Steve Owens put on a great event for the 97 anglers in attendance.  Dugout Bait and Tackle provided some great prizes … Continue reading 2021 KAST championship…

thanks for it all Bobby Haskins

We spent years as a military family, so moving was a pretty regular part of our lives until Ft. Campbell and Clarksville.  My parents decided Tennessee was where we would end those travels in the early seventies. Mom being from Lookout Mountain, dad from Ducktown, it was close enough to family…but still not too close.  Since landing here, … Continue reading thanks for it all Bobby Haskins

Possum Kingdom….not the Toadies version

My wife and I travel together for tournaments and I do my best to keep things in perspective as we cross the US.  It is not always about the tournament for us as a couple.  Equally important is seeing new sights, tasting new foods, meeting new people.   I mean, for real though, let’s be very serious….I have … Continue reading Possum Kingdom….not the Toadies version

Senko…post quarantine….hopefully…

I have fished the last two weekends with the Clarksville Area Kayak Fishing Group.  We met up for check in at Mama Mea's in Dover and I realized just how much I missed the gatherings.  Really missed them!  I have never needed a win to chase all the tournaments – personally, I want to win, but it was never the … Continue reading Senko…post quarantine….hopefully…

Bending Branches…a customer review.

First, I am not a writer so I find it hard to say that I have writers block.   But I am trying to write an article for Rogue Fishing Company (coming soon) and am finding that the right words are as elusive as bass for a lot of the field on Chickamauga la couple of weeks ago.  So instead … Continue reading Bending Branches…a customer review.

my KBF NC recap…and perspective

Lake Guntersville 2:10…day two of the NC, also the final day of the KBF Trail Championship.  I am sitting at just under 80 inches, acutely aware that one decent upgrade will get me into the KBF Ten.  I toss a Baby Bass Yamamoto Senko under a dock that I had pulled a bass from the day before; using a Zoom … Continue reading my KBF NC recap…and perspective

Torqeedo…resisted it for a while…

The move from my 20’s to my 30’s was a blur.  Not because it happened so fast, but because I self-medicated with most legal/illegal/natural substances known at that time.  The best I can remember, it was fun (say it often, glad there was no Facebook to document it!!)…but may contribute to why now in my 50’s I … Continue reading Torqeedo…resisted it for a while…

nothing of value…or educational…just cathartic release

Some facts about my last tourney (and random stuff since): even the bear in my hotel saw the importance of masks and social distancing. I no longer write for Anglr…but I truly enjoyed the journey…it was an awesome year; you can still go catch up on all I did write; right here.  Thanks to all who … Continue reading nothing of value…or educational…just cathartic release

The Susquehanna;or how not to hear what they tell ya!

  First let me say that the Hobie PA14 with the 360 Mirage Drive handled the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania much better than its owner. Dodging in and out of exposed boulders, drifting over those just below the surface…then allowing me to flutter pedal in any direction to maintain motion in the swift waters; an … Continue reading The Susquehanna;or how not to hear what they tell ya!