TourneyX profile

On May 2016, I sat in my first kayak.  We picked it up at Caney Fork Outdoors to carry on camping trips.  

October 2016, skunked in my first tournament.  Shortly after, I picked up my first Hobie.
Spring of 2017, placed 11th in the KBF Open.   They handed me a check and I have chased the addiction since; fishing in KBF, Hobie, BASS or any local events I could find.

Fishing; the one place my mind gets quiet, the place I have always found peace. To do it competitively with a great bunch of folks is just a bonus. Combining my love for fishing with writing…I feel like I have finally found my place in this world!

I have the support of a wonderful woman who understands my need to be on the water; she travels with me across the states and supports my dreams fully….life is truly good.